About Us

Boshnakova, Dimov and Milanov Law Office was established in early 2009 in Sofia. The company brings together a team of highly qualified and experienced lawyers who are experts in different areas of law. For the period of its existence the company team has gained the confidence of many companies and individuals who have benefited from the provided legal services. Our clients appreciate our professionalism and promptness in resolving specific cases as well as the complex character of the legal services provided by us.

Our Goals and Objectives

Boshnakova, Dimov and Milanov Law Office provides numerous and diverse legal services, but our common goal is to provide the best possible protection of the rights and legitimate interests of our clients. We provide professional legal assistance for achieving the specific goals of our clients or for the successful resolution of their problems as well as timely and reliable legal services of high quality to legal entities, negotiating with companies and individuals, legal representation before the Bulgarian courts and various administrative bodies.

Main areas of specialization of the company are commercial law, contractual law, family law, property law and property disputes, administrative law and intellectual property law, competition law, spatial planning, cadastre and land registry, labor law, tax law and public procurement.

We treat every legal case professionally and responsibly to provide our clients with high quality and strictly confidential legal services.

Boshnakova, Dimov and Milanov Law Office enjoys the confidence of both citizens and numerous companies and various state and municipal authorities and departments.

Our priority is to find the most useful result for our clients, ensuring maximum protection of their rights and legitimate interests.