Intellectual property

  • Advice related to various industrial property and copyrights

  • Examination and preparation of documents for the application of industrial property

  • Assistance and preparation of documents in the process of registration of industrial property

  • Periodic monitoring of registered marks and designs and taking actions to limit the possibility of registering identical and / or similar marks / designs

  • Protection in proceedings for registration, cancellation, deletion of an item of industrial property, including court representation

  • Iinitiation and litigation with regard to violation of intellectual property rights


  • Examination and preparation of lawsuits

  • Preparation of documents and litigation in claim proceedings, proceedings in matrimonial matters and matters of civil status, judicial partition and commercial disputes including bankruptcy proceedings

  • Representation in administrative and administrative-criminal cases, appeal of administrative acts and audit reports

  • Representation in procedures under the Spatial Planning Act and the Cadastre and Property Register Act

  • Legal representation in labor disputes

  • Legal representation in arbitration, the Commission for the Protection of Competition, etc.